Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sketchy Physics and SketchUp 8

I wrote a book a while back (which has been updated recently) on how to use Sketchy Physics, the hands-down coolest plugin for SketchUp. Sketchy Physics enables you to assign physical properties to SketchUp objects, so that they can move, crash, fall, roll, bounce, you name it.

Today I'm releasing the updated version of the book!

No, this doesn't mean the Sketchy Physics plugin has been updated. The most recent Sketchy Physics version (still from 2010) works only in SketchUp 8. We've been waiting and hoping for an update for SketchUp 2013, then 2014, and now it seems like there are a few snags affecting the update. So while we continue to wait...

You actually don't have to wait!

You can still get the free version of SketchUp 8, and you can have SketchUp 8 installed and running alongside either more recent version. So there's nothing stopping you from trying out Sketchy Physics. It's fun, educational, and quite addictive - be prepared for some late nights!

Here's a short (~8 minute) video showing you all of the projects in the book. Fun stuff!

Again, here's where to get the book. Enjoy! 

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