Thursday, February 12, 2015

LayOut 2015 Book is Here!

I've done a lot of book updating recently, with the release of SketchUp 2015, and the accompanying LayOut application. If you have SketchUp Pro then you have LayOut as well - the awesome presentation tool that helps you showcase your SketchUp models. Basically, LayOut is SketchUp's presentation tool - bring in a SketchUp model, show different views and sections, apply dimensions, create templates and title blocks - everything you need to wow a client.

And now, you've got a book that shows you all you need to know to use LayOut to the fullest. As always, I use step-by-step, hands-on exercises that will get you using the program, not just reading about it. Work through each project, and you'll become an expert in just 220 pages!

My last LayOut release was in 2013 (sorry, I skipped over 2014), and the 2015 version has lots of improvements and new content - it's about 45 pages longer.

Here's a PDF with the table of contents and some sample pages.

Some highlights:
  • A quick intro chapter, resulting in a two-page presentation with several views of a chair
  • How to use SketchUp scenes and layers to prepare LayOut views 
  • How to use section planes (for both slicing and hiding objects)
  • How to use LayOut layers for working drawings
  • Creating standard SketchUp and LayOut files for streamlined presentations
  • All kinds of dimensions, text blocks, and labels
  • Creating templates and title blocks, complete with auto-text (dates, page numbers, etc.)
  • How to render your SketchUp view
  • How to edit SketchUp edges and faces in LayOut
  • How to create all sorts of shapes in LayOut
  • Clipping: both in LayOut (trimming around a shape) and in SketchUp (controlling what appears in a SketchUp scene
  • Applying patterns, hatching, materials to faces in LayOut
  • "Smart" labels - identifying attributes of components, dynamic components, and classified (BIM) components
If you have SketchUp Pro and haven't tried LayOut yet, you're missing out. This deceptively simple program can create knock-your-socks-off presentations.  Get the book to see how it's all done!

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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