Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guided Tour

A great class project would be to design an art museum in SketchUp, place actual paintings on the walls, and use the Walk Through tools and scenes to create a guided tour both inside and outside the museum. I was searching Google's 3D Warehouse for a model like this and didn't find one (so I guess I'll have to create one myself sometime).

However, I did run across this model, which is a great example of something to strive for when creating your own models. Click the picture below to link to the model's page in the 3D Warehouse.

If you downlod this model into SketchUp, you'll see that it has 32 (!) scene tabs across the top. Click on each scene to see the view change. To play the animation, right-click on any scene tab and choose Play Animation (it's a little long, but worth it).

This model has it all: repeated components (to keep file size low), accurate sizes, and best of all, it's painted with digital photos of the actual building, both inside and out. The scenes guide you all over the model so you don't miss a single detail. It's quite a masterpiece.

The download options for this model include a KMZ download - this is Google Earth's file format. If you download and open the KMZ file, you'll see exactly where this model is on Earth (in Germany, actually).

And here's something I just discovered: if a model has scenes, you can open the scenes within Google Earth. When you open a KMZ file, the model is placed under "Temporary Places." Under this, you can find a link for "Tour," and under this you can find each scene. Double-click a scene to open it. Way cool.

Anyone can design anything in 3D!