Monday, April 6, 2009

Coloring Mosaics: My 5-Year Old's Masterpiece

Need a rainy-day activity for your kids?

My 5-year old daughter is home from school today and it's raining. So after playing some PBS Kids games online, she asked to find mommy's mosaics and color one. I have over 50 mosaics in the 3D Warehouse: click here to see the entire collection. (These are SketchUp files; you can download SketchUp for free.)

Each mosaic has three scene tabs at the top of the drawing window. The first scene shows my pattern of colors, one scene has shapes in all gray so you can color them on-screen using your own pattern, and the last scene is white with black outlines; you print this out and color on paper.

Here's what my daughter made today, in about 30 painstaking minutes:

She then played with the Circle and Rectangle tools:

She's now working on another one; I hope this keeps her satisfied till the sun comes out and she can play outside!

Finding and using these mosaics is described on the Free Kids Stuff page of my website. There are also some puzzles you can assemble. (I'm working on more stuff for this page, such as folding paper cut-outs.)

If you're interested in making your own mosaics, there are two books in my GeomeTricks series that show how:
For educators, these books are great supplements for both math and art classes!

Anyone can create anything in 3D!