Friday, June 19, 2009

Bleg: Calling all Teachers and Students!

In the near future, I and some other long-time "Friends of SketchUp" will be announcing a new SketchUp forum for teachers and students in K-12. (If "K-12" means nothing to you, it's a US term for primary and secondary education.)

We even have a cool name for this new forum: SKOOGLERS.

The idea behind Skooglers is that teachers can see how SketchUp is used in the classroom and contribute their own ideas, and students can see what other students are doing. There will be Q and A, links to tutorials and other resources, and bragging rights for students who get their projects posted. At some point we'll also be running fun contests and competetions with AMAZING CASH PRIZES (or maybe T-shirts).

Before Skooglers get officially off the ground, I need YOUR help! If you are a teacher, parent, or home-schooler who uses SketchUp with your kids, please send me examples of what you and they have done. We're looking for examples in the subjects of design, math, art, geograpy, science, history, you name it. SketchUp can be used in almost any academic subject (especially when you throw in Google Earth), so anything you've done will work for us.

We want examples from kids of all ages, and I know first-hand from my own kids that even 5-year olds can produce some great SketchUp models. SketchUp models make great contributions, but also documents, videos, presentations, etc.

So.... if you have anything to contribute, or have any questions or ideas, please contact me!

I'm really looking forward to building a large, robust educational community around this fanstastic teaching tool called SketchUp.

Anyone can design anything in 3D!


islayian said...

We have been using Sketchup for a good while
I wou;d the most interesting was
and a good outcome was

Jason said...

I haven't done too much teaching with SketchUp, yet, since I was just learning how to use it myself, but my middle schoolers wanted to try it, too!

School Web Page

Gaieus featured us @ SketchUcation, too!

Unknown said...

We have used it to design in Socia Sciences an Inuit village, and to design an island for a mapping unit (island has geographic features, cities, beaches and other tradtional mapping features)