Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SketchUp on the Math Forum

Thanks to Jon Choate, my co-author on the GeomeTricks books, SketchUp now has its own page on Drexel University's Math Forum. The Math Forum is one of the best-known resources for math teachers, and we're proud we can contribute to this community!

These FREE SketchUp materials can be found on http://mathforum.org/sketchup. You'll find videos, links for teachers, and a monthly math-challenge project.

This month's challenge involves the famous "Painted Cube" problem: if you create a large cube by assembling smaller cubes, and paint all outside faces, how many cubes have zero, one, two, and three faces painted?

It's a great project for 3D thinking, spatial relations, and identifying patterns in a table of numbers.

If you're not a math teacher, please find one and let them know about this!

Anyone can design anything in 3D! www.3dvinci.net

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