Thursday, February 18, 2010

Classroom Rage, with Sketchy Physics

I still don't really know how to use Sketchy Physics, but when I see models like this, I really want to take a few quiet days and learn it.

I was searching the 3D Warehouse for a classroom model, to use in another project. One of the models I found was this:

Click the image above to open the model's 3D Warehouse page. The author, "Admiral Kamikaze Bacon," listed himself as a student back in 2007 when this model was uploaded.

Anyway, with the free Sketchy Physics plugin, you can really have fun with this model. You can toss chairs, slam doors, drop glassware, and fling rubber balls. Here's a video I made, after changing a few of the colors to make objects easier to see:

There are hundreds of Sketchy Physics models in the 3D Warehouse, and you can see a lot of similar movies on YouTube. One of these days I hope to have an introductory tutorial on this stuff - it's awesome.

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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1 comment:

James Ogston - 3D Design Software Expert - Architecture,Engineering and Construction Services said...

I really dohope you dont have classroom rage in your classes.

Let us know and we will come to your rescue!


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