Friday, July 2, 2010

Prize-Winning Eco-Park Model by a 6th Grader

Last week, I got an email from rising 7th grader Gabe Coleman, whose mother has bought some of my ModelMetricks books. Apparently Gabe has read them well, and he's put his SketchUp skills to good use! Below is his prize-winning model of an eco-friendly park (clicking the model takes to its 3D Warehouse page, where you can download it).

It's a pretty neat model: lots of solar panels, some windmills, recycling bins (clearly labeled with 3D text), and the requisite popcorn and sno-cone stands. Plus it's colorful and fun, and I'd want to hang out there with my kids. Download it and take a spin around!

Gabe writes:
A couple months ago I entered in a Regional Tech Fair. I made an Eco-Park in SketchUp and presented it to the judges. I came in first place in my division and went on to the state competition. I added more to my park and once again presented it to judges. I was awarded second place. Here is a link to the Tech Fair site:

I love your SketchUp books! I currently am on the the second level of books. The Beginner Series helped me learn the skills to build the Eco-Park. I am currently on the Intermediate Series and have learned lots more.

In my 6th grade computer class, the teacher gave us an opportunity to compete against each other to see who could build the best SketchUp model. All the computers in the classroom have SketchUp on them. We would get a prize if we won. A friend and I made an Army Base and we won the contest!

Thank You!

Gabe Coleman

Rising 7th grader, St.Paul's Episcopal School, Mobile,Alabama

Here's a picture of Gabe winning his state trophy:

I always turn to the same thought: I wish I had software like this when I was in school.

Excellent work, Gabe, please keep me posted on other cool stuff you create!

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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