Monday, February 7, 2011

What's Coming in Our February Projects?

Subscribers to our Projects of the Month will learn how to make some excellent SketchUp models this month. Going out on February 15 are these projects:

Hot Air Balloon

To make this model, you start with a 2D shape made from tangent arcs. To get the stripes, you'll make use of hidden geometry, a feature many SketchUp users don't know about!

Mandala Pattern

There are many patterns that fall under the "Mandala" description, but this is one of the most beautiful:

You start with just one polygon, and take advantage of groups and components to get all of the shapes to be the exact size needed to fit rings inside of rings inside of rings.

Once you get the basic method down, you can apply it to other starter polygons.

Camping Tent

This project uses one of SketchUp's Sandbox tools - which are not just for terrain modeling. With a few 3D curves, you can make all sorts of organic shapes.

To subscribe to our Projects of the Month still costs $36 for 36 projects over 12 months. How else can you get so much brain candy for so little money?

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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