Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grandma Riding Her Bike

I wasn't actually searching the 3D Warehouse looking for this; I was looking for a different model created by one of my students that I wanted to blog about. (She took that model down to make some changes, but will replace it later and then I'll show it off!) But while poking around, I ran across another model that made my day.

I'm into tessellations (as anyone who's read this blog would know), and found an Escher-like tile that was created by modifying a rectangle, by a student (or a teacher?) at Nevada Middle School.

Here's how he or she decorated this tile:

And after adding one more grandma with different colors, here's the tessellation:

If you want to get this model for yourself, click the model view below to go to its 3D Warehouse page.

Once you're in the 3D Warehouse, take a minute to browse through the Related Items - more models uploaded by Nevada Middle School. There are some other great tessellations, as well as nice 3D house models.

And if you like Escher, I posted a free project on the Math Forum that shows the steps needed to create this sort of pattern. Scroll way down to October 2009.

And if you subscribe to our Projects of the Month, one of this month's projects shows how to make Escher patterns from a hexagon.

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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