Monday, June 6, 2011

What's Coming in Our June Projects?

Sorry for the light blogging lately - the end-of-school period is always entirely too crazy for me. But I have had time to write this month's Projects of the Month, and here they are:

One-Way Window
Imagine one of those police dramas in which the suspect is interrogated in one room, and detectives are watching the interrogation from an adjacent room. From one side the police can see in . . .

. . . but from where the suspect is sitting, the window looks like a harmless travel poster.

This project demonstrates how material translucency works in SketchUp.

Spinning Circles

All you need for this project are the Circle and Rotate tools, and you can create beautiful round and spiral patterns. My favorite is the intricate-looking (but actually rather simple) red and yellow creation on the right!

DNA Part 2

Last month, Part 1 of this project showed how to create the "skeleton" of the two helixes plus the base pairs between them.

Part 2 will show how to transform the skeleton into the 3D model.

Don' worry - if you sign up this month to subscribe, you'll also get Part 1.

The subscription is still just $36 for 12 monthly sets of 3 projects. And these projects make for some great summer reading! You can sign up here.

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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