Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's Coming in Our September Projects?

I hope everyone's back from their August break well-rested and ready for school. I took a fabulous vacation with my family to Wyoming and Utah, and it made me wonder why we're living on the crowded, mountain-less, hurricane-prone East Coast. But we do love Washington, so we're staying put.

Anyway, these fun SketchUp projects should get you back to school on a great footing! Become a subscriber for just $36 for a year - that's 36 projects over 12 months.

(And in case you missed, we just released our fourth Project Bundle, 18 projects from March 2011 - August 2011, which is sale-priced during September at just $19.

Rocket Ship

First you start with the fins, then comes the cylinder body and the cone tip. Very easy, very cool!

Onion Dome
I saw this really neat technique on a YouTube video, which combines hidden edges with the very handy Scale tool. You can create just one onion-shaped dome . . .

. . . or create a whole Dr. Seuss-looking town.

Star Patterns

This geometric project shows how you can take a single hexagon and make variations on a star pattern. The seamless look comes from hidden or softened edges.

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Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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