Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Awesome Titanic Model

All weekend we were hearing about the awful cruise ship disaster off the Italian coast. Which reminded me that a few weeks ago, my friend and PC World blogger Phil Shapiro recently sent me to this YouTube video of a Titanic model in SketchUp:

What's amazing is the level of detail: you can see that the modeler (Elissandre Rogrigues) started from a set of plans, shown in the first part of the video. The ship itself, objects on board, and all of the textures and graphics - terrific details.

On the YouTube page for this video, Ellisandre is nice enough to provide a download link for the SketchUp model, which is about 43 Mb. I got it and toyed around a bit - by driving a section plane through it I saw that the bottom of the ship is hollow - if he had included all staterooms and mechanical equipment, the model could have hit 100 Mb, which would basically be unusable on a regular computer.

According to the comments, this model was completed in 25 days, over 150 hours. Great accomplishment!

And if you want some more detailed models of the ship's interior, check out the incredibly intricate models by Matthew deWinkeleer. He's done every room and feature, and even has models of entire decks. I particularly like this staircase:

Anyone can design anything in 3D! http://www.3dvinci.net/

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1 comment:

Richard Williams said...

I have never seen anything done like this with SketchUp. Truly an amazing detailed rendition of something that historically will never be forgotten. Thanks of posting it and thanks to to the gentlemen that did it. He is truly a gifted user of the program.