Monday, August 6, 2012

What's Coming in our August Projects?

Our projects this month include one two-parter and another where you use the very fun Inkscape. You can sign up to subscribe here - the year is still on sale at just $20!

Sky Sphere

Ever wanted to see your model surrounded by nothing but blue sky and some clouds? This project shows you how to make a sphere (more or less) painted with a sky image, that you can use to encompass a model.

Sky Sphere Animation

Part 2 of this project shows how to use the sky sphere model to create an animation of a model (an airplane in this case) flying through the sky.

Curvy Text in Inkscape

Text along a curve is tough to do in SketchUp, at least not without a lot of editing work. But it's easy to do in the free 2D drawing program, Inkscape. This project shows how to make a text string like this:

And import it into SketchUp as a graphic with a transparent background.
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