Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's Coming in Our October Projects?

I love the project offerings for October - illusions, puzzles, and fractals (oh my!) If you're a subscriber to our Projects of the Month, (on sale for $24.95 this month!!) here's what you'll get in your inbox on October 15:

Ames Illusion

In the room below, which man is taller? If you're familiar with the famous Ames Illusion, you know that both men are identical. This project shows you how to build the room that makes this possible.


Shapes Puzzle, with Solution

One of last month's projects showed how to make a puzzle from simple shapes. This project shows you how to include the solution in the SketchUp model. So if you have a complicated puzzle and get stuck after placing a few pieces . . .

. . . you can "cheat" and look at the tab that shows the completed puzzle.

T-Square Fractal

You don't have to be a math geek to be turned on by fractals - they made cool art projects as well. In this project, you start with a simple square divided in two . . .

. . .  and use some copying, scaling, and rotating, to get this neat-looking pattern:

Go to Projects of the Month to sign up - our $24.95 sale for 36 projects is a fantastic October deal!

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