Friday, March 8, 2013

What's Coming in Our March Projects?

March is the month of pretty things, at least in our set of projects! Here's what we have for project subscribers (still on sale for $24.95 per year!) coming out next week on the 15th.

Amazing Polyhedra

A math professor who's used my GeomeTricks books to create Platonic and related solids has created a wonderful model for everyone to use, containing organized sets of solids you can combine. (See my blog post about this!) This project shows you just some of the things you can make by starting with this model, and all the hard modeling work had already been done for you!

Dotted Mug 
This project came from one of my SketchUp enrichment students. She wanted to know how to start with a simple cup, or mug, or bowl . . .
 . . . and place polka dots all over it. This is a fun project that makes use of the Intersect Faces tool.

Broken Wine Glass 
I recently saw this very neat image, which I believe is a rendered image of a SolidWorks model:

It's also possible to create this gravity-defying model in SketchUp!

These projects will show you all sorts of fun modeling techniques - why not subscribe now?  For $24.95 you get 36 projects over 12 months, and many hours of "WOW!"

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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