Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's Coming in Our September Projects?

Tis the season for sharpened pencils and fresh notebooks. But you'll still need some fun and educational computer activities to keep 'em occupied! Here's what's coming for subscribers to our Projects of the Month, going out next week. (Sign up now - just $24.95 for a year of 3 projects per month!)

Pillow Letters

I've used SketchUp's Sandbox tools for a lot of organic modeling, but never for something like this! This project shows how to use connected strings of letters to "pull up" text from a surface, resulting in something you might want to rest your head on.

Penrose Triangle

This famous illusion presents an "impossible" triangle. It's easy to draw in 2D, but how can you create something impossible in 3D?

Curvy Text

This project makes use of the amazing Shape Bender plugin. Among many other things, Shape Bender lets you start with a normal string of text:

And make it curve like this:

Why not sign up? You'll never be without ideas during computer time!

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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