Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Geometry Greeting Cards

I never thought I'd write a post with THAT title. But I recently received a lovely package from mathematician and artist Cye Waldman (whom I blogged about before) who's a fan of our GeomeTricks books.

The package contained two sets of beautiful and sturdy cards with a variety of geometric patterns on them. The cards are really striking, printed on black cardstock (the insides are white), and come with matching black envelopes.

Here's one set of 7 cards, based mostly on patterns of triangles and hexagons. 

On the back of each card is a pattern name and explanation of how the tessellation was made.

This one is my favorite, called "Medusa." It's created from triskelion (three-legged figure, who knew?) logarithmic spirals.

The second set of cards features patterns made of hearts. Great for Valentines Day (if you're thinking about that holiday in June).

Cye exhibits his geometric work at the "Off Track Gallery" at the San Dieguito Art Guild in Encinitas, California. Here's his dedicated page.

If you want info on these cards, email Cye at algorithmicart@att.net. They'd make a nice end-of school gift for a math teacher.

Anyone can design anything in 3D! http://www.3dvinci.net/

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