Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Webcast is Up!

I did a live webcast on May 14 for O'Reilly, based on material in my book The Google SketchUp Cookbook. The focus was mostly on presentation: styles, scenes, layers, and sectioning.

If you didn't see it live on the 14th, you can see the recording now.

For a bigger version, go to O'Reilly's site.

While you're watching, keep in mind that O'Reilly had just installed a new version of WebEx, the conferencing software they use for webcasts. And for some reason, I got kicked out of the webcast three or four times at the very beginning, though the first few minutes aren't part of the recording. It happens about 4 minutes in, and I come back after a minute or so. Also, the recording itself is a little choppy - it was smoother on my machine during the recording. I guess this is function of WebEx's recording settings.

The feedback was great, so maybe they'll have we do another one soon! It was quite fun.

Anyway, enjoy!

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