Monday, May 4, 2009

SketchUp and Art

I received an email from an art instructor in Holland, with examples of some of his students' work using SketchUp. Here's one that's simple, elegant, and beautiful: a perfect example of how easy it is to use SketchUp for producing art.

The artist is a high school student. I used Google Translate to translate her Dutch into English, and here's what I got (edited a little by me):
"I had the idea to do something with a cube. I started experimenting with Google SketchUp, and repeated several ideas. The idea that I ultimately carried out is as follows: I divided a cube into 3 parts: top, bottom and center. The top and bottom are equal to each other. The middle section consists of 5 squares that are stacked. The squares rotate to create gaps, which are highlighted by the lamp in the middle of the cube."
    If I only had SketchUp when I took a woodworking class in high school...

    Anyone can create anything in 3D!