Monday, June 7, 2010

Our June Projects

Here's what's on tap for our June SketchUp projects, going out to subscribers on June 15 (why does that date sound familiar? Oh right, it's my wedding anniversary!)

And here's something new: if you just want the three projects from the current month, you can get them without committing to a full year's subscription! Here are the details.

Cheerios Box

With a few digital photos, you can easily make a realistic-looking model of a Cheerios box (or any kind of box), using SketchUp's texture positioning. You don't even have to take your own pictures for this project; the instructions will tell you how to get the ones I took.

Cordoba Tiling

I recently got a great book that shows how to make many different Islamic tiling patterns, and this is the first example from that book. Instead of using a pen, straight, edge, and protractor, I'm using a few simple SketchUp tools. When you add in the use of components, you can make some breathtaking patterns!

Linked Chain

This project will show you how to use components to make repeated objects that interact with one another.

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