Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's Coming in Our May Projects?

This is both a fun and practical month for subscribers to our Projects of the Month. The practical includes a project that shows how to replace a lot of components at once (not to say that's not also fun), and the other two projects deal with zombies. But you can be a zombie-hater and still enjoy these projects - they show how to create faces for the faceless, and how to make your characters speak to one another.

There are plenty of people in the 3D Warehouse you can use to populate your models. Google has provided many generic, 2D "cardboard cutout" people that are great to use because they have low file size, and always face you - giving the illusion of 3D without using a huge 3D model. But many of these people have no faces:


This project shows how to add faces to the faceless. (You don't have to make zombies, unless you're trying to get the attention of 10-year old boys.)

Zombie Chat
Once you have your zombies (or whatever creatures you decide to make), this project shows how to use the Text tool and layers to create a chat between your two, well, whatever characters they are. Play the quick movie below: 

Replacing Components
In this project you start with a set of identical windows, and add a flower box to just one of the windows:

Then you replace all of the flower-less windows at once, with the one that has flowers:
These are fun projects to get students interested in something other than the approaching summer vacations! Subscribe here.

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