Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zombie Chat

The kids in my SketchUp class have gotten into downloading the various people available in the 3D Warehouse. It's best to look for the 2D people (and animals and trees, etc.) because they have miniscule file sizes compared to the much more complex 3D people. And if created correctly, these 2D "cardboard cutout" people will always face you, no matter where you orbit the model. This gives the impression of 3D, while keeping your models moving fast.

But a lot of the Google-supplied 2D people are faceless - meant to be used to generically populate SketchUp designs.

So I showed the kids how to not only add faces and accessories, but also how to create a short movie that includes a dialog.
Both of these topics are included in the Projects of the Month, going out next week.

Anyone can design anything in 3D! http://www.3dvinci.net/

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