Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No McMansions Here

I love this website: And not only because it makes me feel as though I live in a big house myself. I love the efficient, pack-it-all-in designs, all created in Google SketchUp. Here's the latest house plan posted:

The entire house is one story, with an 8' x 20' footprint. Great for a newlywed couple! I'm not sure it would work for me, my husband, and 5 kids, but I still love the designs. Maybe when we retire...

Anyway, I thought this concept would make a great design contest for students in high school or even middle school. A teacher could assign a set of furniture and appliances, allot a maximum footprint, and see what kids come up with to hold it all in. Something to think about...

PS - I owe people some additional blog posting about the ASA conference last week. Tomorrow I plan to post about a cool kid with Aspergers who was a frequent visitor to our booth.

Anyone can design anything in 3D!

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Russ said...

Can't wait for more teacher-related and autism stuff! Thanks

Bonnie Roskes said...

I'll try to get to it tomorrow ;-)