Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where in the World?

Here is new kids' book, the 4th (and last) in the ModelMetricks Intermediate Series.

This book teaches how to find SketchUp models in the 3D Warehouse, and how to integrate models from SketchUp into Google Earth.

Like all my other books, this one is available in print and printable PDF.

For the rest of the summer, each ModelMetricks PDF is $4.95, and each 4-book series is just $14.95. A pretty good deal for hours and hours of fun projects for your kids!

Here's how this book is set up:

In Chapter 1, you start with an empty bedroom, and find all of its furnishings in the 3D Warehouse (including an ice cream machine, drum set, and stuffed giraffe). Because many Warehouse models are imperfect (wrong size, alignment, etc.), you learn how to fix these models to get exactly what you need.

In Chapter 2, you start with a model of a giant fly, which is situation on the National Mall in Washington, DC. You'll see how this looks both in SketchUp and Google Earth, and learn how to bring in more giant flies and place them on top of specific buildings, so that you have a national crisis on your hands.

In Chapter 3 you start with a model of a biodome, and see how to place this model (and different versions of it), in various spots around the world. One biodome goes in a desert crater, one goes in Central Park, others go on Mt. Everst and Antarctica.


PS - My GeomeTricks books are also available in PDF.

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